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Having an email account is vital in present life because email address becomes a common requirement. From acting as a common mode of communication to verifying various details or accounts we need to mention email addresses. Nowadays the basic data of a person is stored in his email account. From saving important documents to saving your random photos persons are relying on the email account.
There are a number of email providers available before us. Amongst all of the people have picked up Gmail the most.

Gmail was launched on the first day of April 2004. Gmail provides ordinarily up to 15 GB of storage capacity to its every user. These space can be used for storing every kind of data (photos, music, video, documents, etc.) And if you require more space then you can switch to Google one or choose some additional plans.

Although the storage space provided by Google is quite adequate for an ordinary user. But if you are a professional user or your email account is associated with a number of works then this space might not be enough for such users. Consequently, the user may have to face the storage issues.
You want to free up your Gmail space, then here we are suggesting some simple ways.

How to Increase your Gmail Space

  • Clear inbox and outbox :

The easiest method to free the space from an account is to delete unnecessary emails(sent and received). Users send and receive numerous mails in daily life. So the best way to clear up space is by deleting old emails or email threads.

By following these mentioned two steps you can delete mails.

  • Step 1: Go to > Inbox or outbox
  • Step 2: Long press on the mail you wish to delete.
  • Step 3: Icon on the left turned into tick mark > Click on the bin icon.
    (You can delete them one by one or by selecting them all in one go and then clicking on delete.)


  • Avoid using the sync option :

When we use email on your mobile phone app, then due to auto-sync option all your photos, videos, or documents (received/clicked) automatically get transferred to the Gmail storage. So, to get rid of this issue the user should turn off the auto-sync option. And make a backup of data only after sorting them.
You can turn off this sync option by performing below mentioned steps :

  • i) Go to the home page > tap on settings.
  • ii) Open this option and go to > back up
    (This option may be available as cloud accounts/sync/account synchronization etc. depends upon the device you use.)
  • iii) Tap on it and select the desired account like Gmail Posteingang
    (If you have more than one.)
  • iv) Select the disable option.


  • Download copies :

Messages received through mails are of a few MB’s because we can easily attach any kind of files. If a user sending or receiving a few on a daily basis is not a big issue. But, it might create a serious issue if they are aggregated. Thus, if you are dealing with attachments them you can download them and save them on the local storage of your device to save your Gmail space.

  • Prefer using plain texts :

With Gmail, we can share links, images, documents, etc. Although there doesn’t acquire huge space yet aggregate of them can cause an issue of space. Thus, switching to using plain text on a regular basis can help in keeping your storage capacity free.

  • Keep your auto-reply emails short or avoid it :

Setting auto-reply is sometimes necessary to meet the demand of the working standards of a user. So it is advisable to keep texts short and simple and if not necessary start avoiding its regular use. This will help in reducing creating copies of the same kinds of texts, consequently, space will remain less consumed.

  • Unsubscribe to promotional emails :

It has been seen that whenever a user signs in any app or website by using your email account. You constantly start getting promotional mails. So if you are no longer interested in such services mark them as unsubscribe. This will help you from getting a number of mails in a single day.
You will find out the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the mail. Select it and you won’t receive any single mail after that moment.

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